Friday, March 25, 2011


     Just thought you might want to see why Corgi puppies are the cutest puppy there is.  Oh, and if you'd like one for yourself I know a ranch in New Mexico where you can get the best.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello new friends

        I'm Olive, a one year old tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Herding is in my blood.  Being bossy is my nature.
  Life began on a ranch in New Mexico.  There was mom, dad and several brothers and sisters.  It was all good.  There were champion paint horses, champion Nigerian dwarf goats and pygmy goats.  A herding dog's heaven.
Kansas Flint Hills
But, the time came for me to set out on my own, so on a very snowy and cold day last January I left the ranch in New Mexico where I was born and caught a ride to Kansas.  The land of Toto and Dorothy, a president and some astronauts, wind farms and wheat farms, beautiful skies and the largest tall grass prairie on this earth.  A great place to be.
 On that day, I started talking and haven't stopped.  Trying to get my new "herd" to understand what I am saying has been a challenge.  I have a lot to talk about so let's get started.
 My new full time herd is only a herd of two.  The handsome cowboy and the nurse ( this would be a good title for a book) are my two main people.
 Then there are two new sisters and a brother.  The oldest is a "pro" flute player (only humans can appreciate the flute).  She is so elegant and fun.  I just go crazy when she visits.
 The other sister lives out of town.  She is almost an "eye doc" She is very smart and pretty too.
 My brother is a handsome dude. He works all day with animals and still has time to play with me.

puppy class
 I came to Kansas when I was 8 weeks old.  When I was 10 weeks old I went to puppy class.  Class was held at the brand new Humane Society building.  The instructor was very patient with us as we worked for treats.  I became known as "Olive, who'll do anything for a treat" and for anyone else's treat.
 Ten fun filled weeks and I was a graduate of my first class on sit, stay, wait, lie down, and walking on a leash.  Of course, I was the star pupil because I am a Corgi.
 Then we started traveling.  The first trip was to Kansas City to see the relatives. There were grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more cousins, and family friends.  I don't think a litter of pups could be more active or noisey. Wild and crazy.
 Soon after that we went to St Louis to see the "eye doc" and her boy, Cooper the Beagle.  Cooper is awesome.  He showed me everything I needed to know about "being a Beagle".  We sniffed everything we could sniff.  We mauled all the stuffed animals we could find.  Some of them were ours and some of them were the "little people's".  More about them later.
 St Louis is a great place.  So much to do and really great places to eat.  The Hill is the family favorite and Guido's is the best.
St Louis Botanical Gardens----Chihuly glass
 The Botanical Gardens are amazing.  It is the oldest continuously operating gardens.
 We travel to KC a lot.  Always the best food made by grandma.
 I've even been to Atchison KS.  The nurse's best of best friends has a B&B.  It is an amazing place.  It is the Glick Mansion and the B&B is named  "Tuck U Inn".  What a cute and perfect name.  The mansion was built by the 9th govenour of Kansas.  If you get the chance and you should, go and stay a night or two.  Breakfast is yummmmmy.  Lots of wineries and antiques to visit and buy in the area.
 Well, now we've met.  I'm glad we could talk because I have a lot to say, because I am a Corgi.

 PS  The "eye doc" is getting married in June.  It will be a party.  So come back and follow along.