Wednesday, April 20, 2011


     Meet Cooper, the coolest Beagle ever and my best friend forever.  Cooper has taught me every thing there is to know about tracking the best smelling things around.  We have search out bugs and dirt.  We have searched out food and treats.  We have found hidden treasures in the trash and he has showed me the best hiding places to keep our treasures.  Under the bed is one of the best places because it is hard for the two legged members of the family to get to.

     Cooper has taught me patience.  The training started with a tussle over a stuffed toy.  Well, Cooper won of course, because Beagle are so cool.  So, as he destroyed the toy I had to wait and then eventually beg him to let me join in.

     This was  Cooper's favorite spot when he comes to visit, until the mom got a new chair and then....

     I'm so glad you got to meet Cooper.  He is a true blue friend.  One you can tell all your troubles too, granted I do most of the talking.  Cooper is a man of few words but that's one of the things I love about him.

     Until next time, remember CORGIS RULE!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Puppy Class

     My first puppy class, Karla our teacher at the Human Society was great.  She brought home made venison jerky for special treats.  Needless to say that's how I got the name "Olive, who'll do anything for a treat".

     My special friend at class, was Grace.  Grace is a French Bull Dog.  Grace has a special quality that I admire greatly- a mind of her own.  Granted that gets her into trouble a lot, like the time she tried on her mom's make up and got it all over her and the carpet.  Or the time she needed a cough drop that was in her mom's purse on the kitchen table.  Or the time she took all the rawhides and hid them in the toys from her brothers.  I say "a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do".

     This is the right profile of my perfect "sit".  Note how focused I am.  Remember that treats are involved.

     And this is the left profile of my perfect "sit".  How can you not be impressed?

    This is the ultimate sacrifice for your family, to allow them to take a picture of you in such a ridiculous outfit.

     Happy Graduation!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nap Time

This is the corgi stretch. To get a proper nap, one must get relaxed and ready to indulge in nap time

Placement of the head is very important.  You must be ready at any time or for any noise to be able to pop awake and take control of the situation

And one must keep one ear open

Now let's talk about nap buddies because that is very important.   A buddy should have great shoulders to lie on (not to cry on)

The chest is also good, but proper face placement is very important.   Handsome cowboy makes a great nap buddy.

 The body- neck slam is good also.

The over the arm neck stretch while being held by the "flute chick" does wonders for toning the muscles

There are times when a nap combined with the corgi stretch (on the lady nurse's favorite chair, ottoman) is just the right thing

Then sometimes any place will do after an afternoon of working in the garden

Flute chick makes a great bed.  PS  napping in mom's (lady nurse) favorite chair.  Does that make us mom's favorites?

Not enough can be said for nap time.  I sneak one when ever I can.  They're good for your health and disposition.  Corgis and small children (big ones too) can use all the help they can get with disposition.  Hope you have a great nap soon.

My First Winter

     My first Kansas winter it snowed and then it snowed and it snowed and then it snowed some more.  Do you know how hard it is for a short legged puppy to get around in deep snow?  It was sure a lot of fun to bury your nose in it and look for what ever was there.

How Cute Am I

My mom (lady nurse) thinks she is going on a trip without me, but little does she know, I'll be going with her!    She's going to her best friend's bed and breakfast "The Glick Mansion" in Atchison Kansas.  They are going to make all kinds of goodies.  I really hope she brings some home.  There will be sugar cookies with printed edible pictures on them and cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  One time they made cupcakes with beautiful edible butterflies.  I'll have to show you some of the pictures.  Oh yeah,  corgis love treats.  Just so you know.

Do you think she will suspect anything?

Corgis can sleep anywhere

Play anywhere

Sleep any way


But, not when they know they are on camera