Saturday, November 19, 2011

They've Been At It Again

Well, my lady nurse and her best friend the Innkeeper have been busy again.  They are always looking for some new and fun creative idea.  Lady nurse loves to read blogs and see all the beautiful and creative things people are doing.  She tells me there is a world out there that I just wouldn't believe.  You know, if she would ever let me use the computer by myself, I could find out and also I would blog more often.  She works too much and has too many "irons in the fire"  whatever that means.  But, I love her and she takes good care of me and gives me treats.

Lady nurse found a great blog and web site of Karla Nathan's,  She found her tutorial on making these darling little dress forms. So, the LN and the Innkeeper were off and running with the plans to make these forms.  LN went to Atchison Ks to the B&B (Tuck-U-Inn at Glick Mansion).  I wonder why I never get to go to the Inn?  Well, I got to go one time.  Could it be my manners or all the dog hair or my high energy level that can be a little hard on antiques?

The two friends spent a day going to thrift stores and interesting junk stores gathering "junk" for their project.

The Innkeeper and the forms in progress

The body forms close up.   Guess what they were formed off of?  That's right, Barbie!

The Awesome results.  They named the one on the left, Julia.  Yes, after Julia Childs. I don't know her but I'm sure I would have loved her because she cooks.  And everyone knows I'd do anything for a treat!

The Bodies on the Porch

A different view

And one more time
There you have it.  This took three days?  Some how I think there was more shopping and talking than working.  Oh well,  what are friends for!