Monday, January 23, 2012


FYI----    The Innkeeper and the Lady Nurse are up to something, again.  All I know is that I keep hearing things like junking, and picking, and road trip ( I hope I get to go ), and need a planning weekend.  I've even heard the word Ireland!   What can they be up too?  Stay tuned,  I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.   This is Olive the Blogging Corgi---Over and Out (for now).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

They've Been At It Again

Well, my lady nurse and her best friend the Innkeeper have been busy again.  They are always looking for some new and fun creative idea.  Lady nurse loves to read blogs and see all the beautiful and creative things people are doing.  She tells me there is a world out there that I just wouldn't believe.  You know, if she would ever let me use the computer by myself, I could find out and also I would blog more often.  She works too much and has too many "irons in the fire"  whatever that means.  But, I love her and she takes good care of me and gives me treats.

Lady nurse found a great blog and web site of Karla Nathan's,  She found her tutorial on making these darling little dress forms. So, the LN and the Innkeeper were off and running with the plans to make these forms.  LN went to Atchison Ks to the B&B (Tuck-U-Inn at Glick Mansion).  I wonder why I never get to go to the Inn?  Well, I got to go one time.  Could it be my manners or all the dog hair or my high energy level that can be a little hard on antiques?

The two friends spent a day going to thrift stores and interesting junk stores gathering "junk" for their project.

The Innkeeper and the forms in progress

The body forms close up.   Guess what they were formed off of?  That's right, Barbie!

The Awesome results.  They named the one on the left, Julia.  Yes, after Julia Childs. I don't know her but I'm sure I would have loved her because she cooks.  And everyone knows I'd do anything for a treat!

The Bodies on the Porch

A different view

And one more time
There you have it.  This took three days?  Some how I think there was more shopping and talking than working.  Oh well,  what are friends for!

Friday, September 23, 2011


My lady nurse found this great blog party for the movie Practical Magic so, she shared it with her best friend the Innkeeper ( at Tuck-U-Inn at Glick Mansion ).  The Mansion is in Atchison Kansas.  It is the most haunted town in Kansas and Atchison is very proud of  it's hauntedness.  So, if you knew the two friends like I know the two friends, well one thing lead to another and they came up with a plan.

The friends held a party at the Mansion one Halloween and thus began the Witches of Glick.  Well, as you know every witch needs a spell book and the PM witches had the best one ever.  So, my lady nurse decided the Innkeeper needed one for her witch parties.  Here's a look at some of the pages.

Just like the PM book it has a dark side that no one should mess with

Even witches get hungry and  need to eat.  Champagne cupcakes with glittered edible paper butterflies.

Sugar cookies with edible wafer paper vintage postcards

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Rest of the Shower of Peonies

The Flute Chick wrote a poem about the different kinds of linen that you might use during married life.

Today we come to celebrate a new season in your life
we've gathered some linens to take you through your years as husband 
and wife.

(Great grandma's handkerchief)
Your wedding day is the first of many stories to be told
Great Grandma Adamek's handkerchief can be your "something old."

(beach towel)
After the ceremony it's time for some Caribbean-style fun
Pack your cheery beach towel for a honeymoon in the sun.

(Grandma Huyett's apron)
After a year of wedded bliss its anniversary number one
Host your first holiday feast in Grandma Huyett's pretty apron.

(KU cloth diaper)
When its time to have in mind all things pink and blue
We won't be surprised if your child's first words are "Rock Chalk, 
Jayhawk, KU!"

(peas and carrots dish towels)
Over the years you'll dine with friends and still enjoy cooking together
A pair of towels in the kitchen will remind you that it's "peas and 
carrots forever."

(crocheted pot holders made by Chris and Lois)
When the kids are grown and your hair is a little gray
pull these out to bake some cookies when grandkids come to play.

So there's a start to a wonderful marriage; we hope its very blessed
After all, just two more weeks til you wear your beautiful white dress!

Grandma Hirschmann knitted a blanket for the couple.

The Bride got many " totally fab" gifts 
The Bride was having a great time !

The food was great and so were the guests!

There was even a party crasher.  THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE!  ( actually he had to come and fix a bathroom pocket door problem, totally necessary! )

Here's the door fixer, party crasher, Father of the Bride serving his favorite sister, the favorite aunt on the father's side ( more Corgi humor )

I love parties, and presents and most of all FOOD !

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Shower of Peonies

One of the bride's favorite flowers, the Peony, was the headliner for this shower given by her favorite aunt on her dad's side.  ( It's her only aunt on her dad's side) Ha Ha! Corgi's are extremely funny.
The favorite aunt, the bride, the favorite sister ( once again, the only one)

The day was cloudy and cool.  Much different than the day before or after.  Very windy even for Kansas people and hot.

 All the Beautiful People were there.  Some of them were family,

The Bride and her Sister the Maid of Honor

The Mother of the Groom, The Bride, and The Mother of the Bride

Cousins, and Bride and Sister

Bride and Cousins
 Some were bridesmaids

Bride and two of her Bridesmaids

More of the Wedding Run Down

Wedding dress shopping was the highlight of the preparations, but there were still lots of things to do and a lot of fun and stress to be had.
There were showers ( I'm confused, because I thought showers involved water, which I do not care for) but this involved food, fun and presents.  Three of my favorite things.

One of the showers, was at the now famous TUCK U INN at the GLICK MANSION in Atchison KS.  The house is always beautiful and the shower (without water) was fabulous. 

The theme was all about the Red Shoes.  Oh yes, the bride is wearing red shoes.  They are incredible, but they definitely are for people and not Corgis.  I don't know though I might rethink that.

The day was HOT, but it didn't stop the fun.  The food was tasty.  We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit compote, red velvet cupcakes and red shoe sugar cookies made by the mother of the bride.

The presents were many and greatly appreciated.  Christine will need to cook and invite me over so she can use her fabulous gifts.

Made by Alex's grandmother who had the ring that Alex gave Christine as a Promise

Yum!  Ice cream

Fun was had by all, family and bridesmaids and friends.