Friday, September 23, 2011


My lady nurse found this great blog party for the movie Practical Magic so, she shared it with her best friend the Innkeeper ( at Tuck-U-Inn at Glick Mansion ).  The Mansion is in Atchison Kansas.  It is the most haunted town in Kansas and Atchison is very proud of  it's hauntedness.  So, if you knew the two friends like I know the two friends, well one thing lead to another and they came up with a plan.

The friends held a party at the Mansion one Halloween and thus began the Witches of Glick.  Well, as you know every witch needs a spell book and the PM witches had the best one ever.  So, my lady nurse decided the Innkeeper needed one for her witch parties.  Here's a look at some of the pages.

Just like the PM book it has a dark side that no one should mess with

Even witches get hungry and  need to eat.  Champagne cupcakes with glittered edible paper butterflies.

Sugar cookies with edible wafer paper vintage postcards