Saturday, July 9, 2011

More of the Wedding Run Down

Wedding dress shopping was the highlight of the preparations, but there were still lots of things to do and a lot of fun and stress to be had.
There were showers ( I'm confused, because I thought showers involved water, which I do not care for) but this involved food, fun and presents.  Three of my favorite things.

One of the showers, was at the now famous TUCK U INN at the GLICK MANSION in Atchison KS.  The house is always beautiful and the shower (without water) was fabulous. 

The theme was all about the Red Shoes.  Oh yes, the bride is wearing red shoes.  They are incredible, but they definitely are for people and not Corgis.  I don't know though I might rethink that.

The day was HOT, but it didn't stop the fun.  The food was tasty.  We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit compote, red velvet cupcakes and red shoe sugar cookies made by the mother of the bride.

The presents were many and greatly appreciated.  Christine will need to cook and invite me over so she can use her fabulous gifts.

Made by Alex's grandmother who had the ring that Alex gave Christine as a Promise

Yum!  Ice cream

Fun was had by all, family and bridesmaids and friends.

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